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No matter how big or small your piano is, the experts at O’Neill Transfer and Storage know how to move it carefully and efficiently.

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Whether Beatles or Beethoven, music lovers may enjoy playing a piano in their home. But what happens to that piano when you have to move to a new home? O’Neill Transfer & Storage offers piano moving services, including:

  • Packing supplies, like padding and wrapping
  • Storage options
  • Full-service moving, including placing the piano exactly where you want it in your new home

O’Neill Transfer & Storage are trusted specialty movers because we:

  • Have 100 years servicing the Portland area and beyond
  • Are Wheaton World Wide Moving Agents
  • Are fully-licensed and insured.

To get a free piano moving quote, call us at (503) 747-3630 or fill out our free quote from.

At O’Neill Moving & Storage, we have over 100 years of experience moving your most prized possessions. Whether your piano is a brand new purchase or a family heirloom, we’ll move it safely and securely with our professional piano moving services.

If you’re moving around the corner or across the country, our piano moving services offer a safe, time-saving and economical option to help your piano get to where it needs to be.

Moving Baby & Concert Grands

Regardless of the size or shape of your piano, we guarantee we can handle it. All of our professional movers have training and experience moving all types of items, including different types of pianos. We take the hassle out of trying to figure out how to move your piano. We will plan the move, supply our own moving tools, wraps and padding, and complete the move without damage to your piano or your home.

By choosing O’Neill Transfer & Storage, we limit the money, effort and time you would have to put in to moving your piano.

We will manage your move, whether it is one item or an entire house. Our trained staff will keep you in the loop during every step of the process to ensure you always know where your items are.

Our piano movers are always polite, friendly and efficient, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


As we move an important piece of your home, we focus strongly on safety and security. We’ll protect your piano and move it safely, delivering it to your new home without a scratch. We’ll help you prepare for your move, and we always come prepared with everything we need to move your belongings safely.

When you choose O’Neill Moving & Storage for your residential or business move, you can rest assured your most valuable assets are in the hands of professionals. We’ll help you understand your rights and responsibilities before sending our piano movers to your home to securely pack your belongings.

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You can trust O’Neill Transfer & Storage with your piano move, no matter where your final destination may be. Contact us at (503) 747-3630 or fill out our quote form today.

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Do I Have to Get My Quote In Person?

No! As virtual options have become more popular, moving companies have followed suit. Any top moving company will allow remote options for your quote survey.

Now, when looking for virtual options, remember how important it is to have a good, thorough walk-through. There are some moving companies who will offer “instant quotes” or quotes over the phone. These should be considered as a “ballpark” estimate to be finished up later. Instead, look for an option over video chat where the moving representative sees your house and the items to be moved via their cell phone.

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