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If you need to store sensitive records from your home or business, you should choose a records management service you can trust.

O’Neill Transfer & Storage has been in business for over 100 years, so you know you can trust us to keep your items safe. Our secure records management services include:

  • 50,000-square-foot warehouse
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Climate-controlled storage

When storing your sensitive documents, you need to trust the company you hire. That’s why we are:

  • Family-owned and operated for over 100 years
  • Organized and thorough with inventory tracking systems in place
  • Conveniently located to the Portland metropolitan area

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Keeping your most sensitive documents safe is important, and so is having space in your home or business. Whether you own a business and need to free up space, or want your business documents to be extra secure, O’Neill’s professional records management services are a great option.

Our records management services are also a great solution to creating space in your home or office, and always ensuring your documents are safe.

Our expertise in document management is backed by our experience in the industry. We’ve been in the moving and storage business for over 100 years and are proud of it. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Whatever type of paper documents or files you have, however much you have – trust O’Neill to store them safely for you.

Store your business records in our secure warehouse

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Our secure document storage services are second-to-none in the Portland area. As the only local moving company that is family-owned and operated in Beaverton, we understand the importance of keeping your items safe and available for when you need them.

If you have boxes of documents that you want to keep, but don’t need in your day-to-day operations, O’Neill’s records management is a great option. We provide:

  • 24/7 surveillance of your storage space to ensure the safety of your records
  • Convenient access to our storage facilities in the Portland area
  • A climate-controlled warehouse to safeguard your records from heat and cold
  • Thorough inventory of your items so they remain organized while being stored

Your documents will be stored in our 50,000 square-foot, climate-controlled warehouse. We guarantee that your documents will be stored in a way so they will remain in good condition — it’s our promise to you.

Only authorized, background-checked employees can access our warehouse, so you can rest assured our records management systems are secure. You’re in good hands with O’Neill!

Before storing your items, our experts will take an inventory of your documents, mark each file folder for easy referral and record their location for your convenience.

Records management in our warehouse offers a high level of security, with 24/7 monitoring and surveillance cameras. Your documents will be safely stowed away and can be accessed via an appointment to retrieve your belongings.

Our customers come to us from a range of industries and fields, so no matter what kind of records you have, you can trust us with all your information management needs. Accounting records, legal records, personnel records, and more – we can store them safely and securely.

Shredding services for your documents

Shredded Paper
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In order to maintain your business’ security and privacy, O’Neill offers shredding services on top of our records management services.

Your private documents need to be protected. You can’t afford to let your sensitive information get into the wrong hands. When you are done storing your documents in our warehouse and need to dispose of them, our trained staff can shred them for you at our warehouse location. Shredding with O’Neill is secure and effective.

If your company deals with sensitive information, shredding is a must. Simply throwing away business documents is not enough – trust us to shred and dispose of your documents efficiently.

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O’Neill’s professional records management services are flexible to fit your needs and always secure. We value your records as if they were our own and always make sure they are safe from harm and damage.

Call us at (503) 747-3630 today or fill out our online quote form today!

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