7 Things to Do When Moving to Portland

Photo: Flickr.

If you’re interested in moving your life to Portland, Oregon, know you’re not alone. The biggest city in Oregon gains about 30,000 residents every year.

Portland is a destination for many reasons, with an affordable cost of living for the west coast, increasing employment opportunities, and one of the most sustainable cities in the country, it’s no wonder people are relocating to Portland.

We’ve created a list of things to do when planning a move to Portland. Luckily, many of the things on our list can be taken care of online, saving you time, money and stress.

#1: Change your address

The first, and one of the most important, things you need to do while moving is change your address. Luckily, you can easily change your address online at USPS.com. You just need your old address and your new address.

USPS conveniently offers a Movers FAQ guide with specific change-of-address information for businesses, or different people moving into different households.

You should also notify the IRS, your insurance, medical providers, credit card companies, and your bank about your change of address.

#2: Get a New Oregon Diver’s License

Once you change your address, you need to update your driver’s license, registration or state ID.

If you currently have an Oregon license, you can change your address quickly and easily online with Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles online service.

If you are moving from out-of-state, you can pre-apply online for an Oregon license, but will need to visit a DMV office and show proof off address and identity. The process is much like getting a driver’s license for the first time – you will have to pass a vision test and take a driver’s test. In some cases, you’ll need to take a practical test, too.

The Portland skyline. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

#3: Register to Vote

You can register to vote in Oregon online on the Secretary of State’s website.

#4: Where to Drop off Household Waste During Your Move and Set Up Waste Services

Many moving companies will have services where they will remove waste or junk for you, but if you don’t want to pay for those additional services, or you have additional waste after your move, you will need to legally dispose of it.

The Oregon Metro government website has a great list of resources. In Portland, you can visit the Metro Central transfer station on 61st Avenue for disposal of garbage, recycling, hazardous waste and food scraps.

To set up garbage services at your home, the Portland city government website will point you in the right direction.

If you live in a rented house, townhouse or multiplex, your waste removal company is assigned to you or your landlord. If you own a house, you need to contact your neighborhood’s assigned garbage company about service options.

If you rent an apartment, condo, or other type of residence operated by a property manager, your garbage service is set up by the owner or manager.

#5: Finding Service Agencies

The nonprofit 211 Info offers residents of Portland a database of health-related resources and human service providers within Portland and beyond.

#6: Setting up Internet and television services in your new home

Cabetv.com is a great resource for those looking for TV and Internet providers in Portland. DirecTV, Xfinity and Dish TV are all available for television viewers. Xfinity, CenturyLink and Viasat all offer Internet to those in Portland.

#7: Set up utilities

Never forget to discontinue utilities in your old home before setting them up in your new home. Since you know what date you’re moving, you can set up utilities to begin that day or the day before you move in.

In Portland, the city government has a helpful page on how to start, stop or begin utilities services.

Things to do in Portland

Once you have moved into your new home, it’s now time to settle in! Portland is a lively city with lots to do, so no matter what, there will be something for you to love.

Portland is truly a city where there is something for everyone. It’s in the lush Pacific Northwest, so the nature around the area is top-notch. There are miles of biking and hiking trails, ski resorts, and beautiful forests along the Oregon Coast and Columbia Gorge.

The city is great for foodies, it’s full of local restaurants, craft breweries and wineries, all serving up a unique Oregon flavor. Portland is known for its selection of seafood, including Dungeness crab and wild salmon, as well as having its own distinctive Pinot Noir.

Portland is a hub for arts and entertainment, as well as live events. With monthly festivals and a professional basketball team (the Portland Trail Blazers) playing 7 months out of the year, a night out in Portland is guaranteed to be fun for anyone.

Settle into your new home in Portland

Moving can be a stressful process, but with this list of things to remember, you’ll become one step closer to settling into your new home. Once you have checked all things off, it’s time to get to know your new city and embrace your new home.