Things to Consider When Hiring Portland Movers

Movers transport your valuable possessions from one place to another, so you must select the best Portland mover for you. There are many international, long-distance and local movers in business today, but not all provide excellent customer care and customized moving services. 

Professional movers make your life easy by helping you move your items to another location without you having to lift a single item. Some professional movers provide full-service moves including packing, moving, loading, unloading, and unpacking services 

An experienced moving company in Portland will have ample knowledge of moving services. This will give you peace of mind when moving. Worrying about your item’s safety is the last thing you want to think about when planning a move. 

Discuss your special items such as piano, gun safe, or art pieces with your moving company so they can help you disassemble and reassemble the items safely. Moving companies offer moving valuation options to protect your valuables. 

Make a list of all your valuable possessions. Then, understand the moving valuation options offered by the potential company to choose the one that is more beneficial for you. Understand all the facts so you know what to expect during a move and make your move stress-free. Below are a few aspects that you should consider when hiring Portland Movers.

Moving Experience 

Moving heavy and special items need years of experience. The more you move, the more you know which moving technique works best. Hire a full-service moving company so that you can relax and make a smooth move to your new location. 

You will be moving expensive items such as washing machines, dryers, gun safes, pianos, pool tables, refrigerators, freezers, and various other things. If you plan to choose their packing services, ensure that they are aware of all your valuable items to pack the item with utmost care and precaution.

Not all moving companies go through a background check when hiring movers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a moving company that follows a strict hiring process that includes a background check. This will give you peace of mind when your valuable possessions are moved.  

Licenses and Insurance 

Never choose a company that isn’t licensed and insured. Every moving company should register and obtain a license and insurance before starting their business. Companies without permits are operating illegally and may not be trustworthy.

Any company can buy a truck and call themselves a famous moving company, but only those who are fully licensed and insured should be trusted. Interstate movers must register with the U.S. Department of Transportation to get a USDOT number, and in-state moves must register and obtain an Oregon state license.  

You can use the USDOT number and enter it into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration system to know whether their company is legal or not. Research intrastate licensing laws in your state as they are different for every state. After understanding the rules, ensure that your moving company abides by them.

You can also check the company’s Better Business Bureau listing and customer reviews. You might also search the American Trucking Associations’ ProMovers List to see if they are members or not. You’ll find a list of movers that are vetted, so make sure you choose a mover that is a member and move with confidence. 

A Good Fit

Every move is unique, and it is essential to consider all aspects. Not many companies provide customized international, long-distance or local moving services for their customers. Whether you’re moving to a mansion or an apartment, you need to ensure that the moving company you hire can take care of all your items.

Please make a list of all your items and think about how you want to move them, so when you contact the moving company, you will know the right questions to ask. Their answers will help you to decide whether you are picking one with the right fit or not. Here are some things to consider:

  • Right Size Moving Truck
  • Packing Services and Supplies
  • Available Time Window for Pickup and Delivery 

Make sure you list all your fragile items so the moving company can take extra precautions to move them safely. Ask many questions to know what to expect during the move. Make sure that the moving company can answer all your questions, so you can stay worry-free. 


Most importantly, don’t delay moving preparations. Try to make your move hassle-free by planning ahead and executing it on time. You don’t want to still be packing anything on moving day as you will be busy guiding the movers. 

If it is an international or long-distance move, start packing a few months in advance as they take more planning and need to be executed more precisely. 

Once you’ve taken all the necessary steps and have chosen the proper Portland, Oregon mover for you, you’ll be ready to move. Remember that licensed, insured, and experienced movers are the ones you should be focusing on.

Considering the above points will help to select the best Portland Movers. Whether it is an international, long-distance, or local Portland move, make sure they customize their services for you.